Who is Sacred Cycle Healing?

Sacred Cycle Healing is a healing establishment that is devoted to helping our clients begin their healing journeys through Ancient Shamanic techniques designed to remove what no longer serves, restore parts of the soul essence that was lost, and return power that was given away.  Also helping with families that are in the process of accepting a loved ones crossing, or helping clients who are in the process of crossing become comfortable with death themselves.

We use techniques that appear in shamanism like Soul retrieval, power retrieval, death and dying, healing with spiritual light, and extraction.  Plus other modalities and techniques such as crystal therapy, sound therapy, aromatherapy, toning, reiki, and vogel crystals.  Many of our tools include drums, crystals, feathers, sage, sweetgrass, crystal bowls, and other items.

We began our own journey in August of 2019 when Wyatt started putting together this website and accepting clients into his practice.  We have slowly grown since then and are excited about what the future will bring.  After all it isn't about us here at Sacred Cycle Healing, but rather it is about being in service to our clients.