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Counselors and Therapists

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Sarah Kaufman

I approach counseling from a holistic understanding of life and self. We are each shaped by our experiences through time and each acquire habits, beliefs and values that carry us through the many tasks, roles and relationships of our lives. It is often when we encounter loss, trauma or conflict that we can gain new perspectives about what is working well in our lives, what we'd like to change, and what we can learn to accept, about ourselves, others and the world we live in.

Therapy can be creative and meaning-affirming work. I support and challenge clients to develop insight, healthy coping skills, and to implement change where they feel it is most needed. Desired changes tend to evolve from a therapeutic relationship founded in mutual trust, respect, and compassion. I integrate traditional evidenced-based approaches with the wisdom of somatic and mind-body psychology, mindfulness practices, and expressive arts, based on client interests and comfort. 



Pearls of Wisdom

Pearls of Wisdom is the home of inspirational quotes and wisdom sayings, prayers and affirmations and inspirational wisdom stories - spiritual quotes and inspirational song lyrics to uplift, heal & feed the soul for personal & spiritual growth, self empowerment, inner peace and global peace.

Covering diverse spiritual & pagan philosophies, including Native American Wisdom and Buddhist Wisdom, Pearls Of Wisdom aims to re-awaken your consciousness, remember your true inner power, and encourages and empowers men to be the best we can be, for ourselves and others.

Do some spiritual self-help shopping and also learn about issues that affect your health. Awaken to and assist with global humanitarian, peace and environment issues.


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  • General information on Shamanism
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  • Explore our Shaman Books Directory to find books by shamanic topics.
  • Our Shaman Blog shares information about what is going on around the country, smaller shamanism topics not covered in our articles, and links to other good shamanism sites or articles.

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Sacred Hoop Ministry

Greetings and Welcome to Sacred Hoop Ministry.

We are tucked away in the Rocky Mountains west of Colorado Springs. Our primary focus is to share and teach various aspects of Shamanism from around the world. We do not refer to ourselves as Shamans, as we were not born into an Indigenous Culture, nor were we appointed the role of the Shaman by the elders of any tribe. Therefore we are “Shamanic Practitioners” whose purpose is to preserve the teachings and healing modalities of the Shamanic Culture, as well as the teachings of our Native American Forefathers and the Ascended Masters.

Our teachings are based on Spiritualism and not Religion, so they should not interfere with any religious or spiritual beliefs that you many have. Nearly all cultures and structured societies have indigenous roots that date back to Shamanism. Our ministry is open to all who hear the calling of Spirit in their hearts whether it be to heal, learn, or teach others.

Our teachings and healing sessions are about empowering you and allowing you to become fully present in your life once again. With your permission, we will teach you the ancient and proven methods of contacting your own personal compassionate and helping spirits who are here to guide and assist you on this earth walk. We also teach the power of word, the value of re-connecting with nature and the natural cycles of the universe, Medicine For The Earth and more.

We are “all” here to experience this time in history. Some of us are here to usher Mother Earth onto the next level of consciousness and the next classroom. Others are here to heal and just experience it all. You are here on this web page for a reason. Perhaps for a healing, perhaps for a teaching, perhaps out of curiosity, or perhaps you feel as if you have been called to “active duty” spiritually and do not know where to turn.

We hope that you enjoy our site, here you will find information about the history of Shamanism, what a Shamanic Healing Session would look like, what the Shamanic Journey is and why you would want to bring this spiritual practice into your life.

Please enjoy your visit here and if it resonates with you, we look forward to being of service to you and your journey. We understand that these teachings are not for everyone, as each individual has their own individual path to enlightenment and personal healing. Either way, we are honored that you have chosen to visit us on this day…


Roxanne and Jim

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