Relax in comfort as we begin the ceremony.

Shamanic Sessions

During a shamanic session we go through a process that is entirely tailored to you. 


Usually including soul retrieval, power animal retrieval, and extraction, a shamanic session can last up to 2 hours and will also include a follow-up lasting 30 minutes to 1 hour, in which we will continue any work that you may need or use it as a Shamanic Counseling session.


Though we may perform the ceremonies to help empower you, it is really up to you to complete the homework and take the steps to integrate the work that was performed.

Soul Retrieval


What is a Soul Retrieval? During times in our lives we may go through trauma, what ever it may look like (Car wrecks, break-ups, divorce, abuse, sexual trauma, etc...), during which time a healthy part of the souls essence leaves the body as a means of survival. This is natural and it is referred to as dissociation in psychology, choosing to forget or to cut off emotional flow from these memories. Sometimes that includes choosing to forget the memory entirely. This not only causes rifts in relationships, anxiety, stress, and creates the feeling of not being whole, but it also causes strain in the spiritual realms as well.


During a soul retrieval, we retrieve that healthy essence that left, and return it to you. In doing so, this may unlock some memories, dreams, thought patterns, and emotions. It is our intention that we return these to you gently and for you to receive these gifts just as gently.


Power Animal Retrieval


A power animal, usually seen as a helping spirit, or as a protector or guardian that we have since birth, help us through life and love us completely without judgement. Many of our power animals come and go and bring us a teaching or help us in some way then move on. We have our more immediate circle of power animals that act as our best buddies. Many of these spirits sit in waiting to be discovered and many times will wait entire lives, but they will always do their job to protect.


If you have lost a power animal in some way without them returning, you could experience power loss. This usually manifests itself in chronic disease, depression, anxiety, and in other ways. But is not always the case.


Most times, we bring back a power animal with a returned soul essence to help integrate that piece more wholly into your life.




Throughout the day, and our lives, we can pick up (or even create energies and thought forms that are not our own. On the bus, in the airport, walking down the street even. These energies can often "bog us down" and in the physical, can often lower the effectiveness of our immune system, mental, and emotional health.


These energies and thought forms keep us from attaining our most empowered and full selves, as they take up the room that our own light can shine. 

We will remove these intrusive energies and help you to shine that light into each area of your newly cleaned spirit.



At the end of the session, we will assign you a type of "homework" that will help you integrate the new essence. We will answer any questions that you may have had and help you to understand what happened.

Session includes:

   - 20 Minute Phone Consultation to answer any questions about the process. 

   - 2 hour healing session in person, by phone, facetime or skype.  The session may include counseling, soul retrieval, Soul Remembering, extraction, power animal retrieval, ancestral healing, sound healing, chakra balancing, compassionate de-possession, and/or other forms of shamanic healing based on the individual’s needs.

   - 1 hour follow up session. 2- 4 weeks after your healing session we will call to set up an in person session to discuss your experiences from the work, to offer guidance in the healing process, and to perform any additional work if needed.

   - Suggested offering: $200. We offer a sliding scale ($150-200) as needed, just let us know.  For other arrangements, please contact Wyatt to discuss options.


Home/Land Clearing, Blessing, and Soul Retrieval

When there is residual energy from previous owners, or the house was not built in a way where the materials were honored during the building process, this may cause disharmony in your house.  When you experience uneasy feelings in your house or place of work it is usually time for a clearing.

Alternatively the land you live on may have gone through a traumatic experience (Natural disaster is not traumatic for mother earth), the land may need a soul retrieval to return vitality to the location.

We will perform powerful ceremonies and rituals that help heal the land and bring in prosperity and vitality into the living or work space.

Session includes:

   - 20 Minute Phone Consultation to answer any questions about the process.

   - Travel Costs.  This unique sort of service, Wyatt prefers to perform in person.  We will factor in the cost of gas, flights, or other methods of transportation to reach the location.

   - 1 hour session.  This may include, cleansing the land, house, and any other objects.  Just like a cleaning service, we will spiritually cleanse the area.  Then we will perform any extractions, soul retrievals, sound healing, and other services that may be needed.

   - 20 - 30 minute follow up call.  2-4 weeks after, we will call to discuss you experience, and will perform long distance work should anything need adjusting.

   - Suggested offering: $200. This includes travel fees for anyone within the Eugene/Springfield.  Should you need any other arrangements, please contact Wyatt to discuss options.

Concerns about Pricing

The pricing that is set is for the sole purpose of helping the client begin their own healing journey.  Many clients want to pay for something to feel that accomplishment of "I'm doing something for myself"; and many more do not look twice at a free healer or doctor.

We are an all inclusive healing group that would like to offer our services to a wide range of people, including the homeless population and those that are living in comfort.  For this reason we do provide a sliding scale, as well as have and do offer trades.  This includes work and item trades.

"In Richard Katz's compelling work Boiling Energy, the African Kung-San healer Gau expresses thoughts common to all indigenous healers:  "Maybe our num [healing power] and European medicine are similar, because sometimes people who get European medicine die, and sometimes they live.  That is the same with ours."  In the last analysis, the most any healer can do is create the most favorable condition for healing to occur." 

"Yet the fact that healing is a mystery and a grace does not quite mean that it should be free.  We must give something in order to receive.  It is an act that honors the Great Spirit, the spirit powers, and the healer, through which these powers work.  If a patient is capable of giving yet gives nothing, or if he gives something that has little personal value, it means that he places little value on the healing.  A stingy, self-centered person is not open to healing.  There is also the matter of providing for the healer.  In the past, Native American patients gave healers blankets, furs, weapons, or horses.  Today, weapons do not put food on the table, and horses do not pay the rent or electric bills.  Determining appropriate reimbursement for healing is a delicate balancing act between one's belief in traditional values and accepting the needs of modern life." (

Healing is a gift from the divine forces and should always be viewed as such, we understand as well that the healing that is provided is not of our own doing but by becoming a hollow bone, we can channel the healing with the graceful help of the helping and loving spirits around us.

It is because of this reason that we try our best to find the balance between the needs of modern life and the spiritual and traditional values of not only ourselves but of the people we offer our services to as well.

If you have any questions or would like to work out a payment plan or need other accommodations, please send us an email, we would be more than happy to work with you.

May you go in Love and Light,